Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hairstylists are in demand

Cosmetology is a career highly in demand and one of the most rewarding. It allows a person to express creativity while helping others look and feel better about themselves.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the need for cosmetologists is expected to grow faster than average in the next 10 years.

That's why many more people today are considering this field for a career or career change. To be a hairstylist or cosmetologist, a person must be licensed by the state where he or she wants to work. To get that license, they usually need to attend a licensed cosmetology school. The better cosmetology schools require a high school diploma and students must be at least 16.

Choosing the right school is very important as it provides the basis for a lifelong career. The chosen school should be recognized by area salons as teaching practical skills such as haircutting and finishing, hair coloring, chemical reforming, nail care and spa services.

As important is the availability of loans and scholarships, job referrals to leading salons, references and advanced education opportunities.

For example, the more than 300 USA schools offering a Pivot Point- based education are prescreened by this world leader in cosmetology education to ensure they provide both experience and innovation.

The curriculum is based on teaching students to see, think and create as designers. It is the same course of study used by cosmetology schools in more than 70 countries, leading to an international connection for graduates.

Many of these schools offer innovative learning practices such as the new Designer's Approach, which visually explains cosmetology based on art and design concepts. The format is inspirational yet teaches how to create predictable results.

Students learn to interact with clients by spending time working in a salon environment. This helps improve both personal confidence and business skills, which are essential to achieving job satisfaction and success.

Cosmetology can be a fun and exciting career with many growth possibilities if the student is well-trained in using professional beauty products, well-grounded in all aspects of the field before graduating to work in a salon or spa.

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