Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today's Hair Tips: How to use hair straightener

Straightening hair with a hair straightener then you can have naturally straight hair. Now you can do it yourself with these simple instructions.

Things You Need:

- a blow dryer that offers around 1800 w and is light enough to hold easily
- a good hair straightener ( I like Yamochi)
- sectioning clips
- anti frizz lotion
- tail comb

Blow dry hair until hair is fully dry. You are just removing the moisture, so there is no need to straighten your hair at this point. That comes later.

We are about to move onto the use of the hair straightener.

1. This tool becomes very hot, so take care when using. Once hair is completely dry, draw thin sections of hair through flat iron slowly, but keep the iron moving.
2. Comb hair smooth after each draw through of the iron.
3. Continue until all of your hair has been straightened.
4. Just in case you are wondering if it is really this easy... yes it is, but you might want to practice using your flat iron while it is cold until you get used to the feel and weight of the tool.

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